Partnering with Michelle Brailsford of Jupiter Consulting, Katie provides consultancy, runs workshops and gives talks on meaningful work that encourage participants to:

  • discover what matters most to them as individuals about the work they do, and where they can find their meaningfulness
  • learn the mistakes that organisations can make in trying to ‘manage meaningfulness’, or in failing to manage meaningfulness at all
  • work out how to create an ecosystem for meaningful work where employees can nurture their own sense of meaningfulness

There are many benefits arising from authentically meaningful work to both organisations and employees, including raised levels of wellbeing, job satisfaction and engagement, and lower levels of stress, intent to quit and absenteeism. Sometimes, employers do not know where their employees find the meaning in their work, and gaining insight into what matters most to people can release higher levels of creativity, innovation and performance.

Claire Mason, CEO of Man Bites Dog said: ‘An inspirational and motivational session that helped us to understand the diversity of where we all find meaning in our work’.

Download a brochure:  here

Taster workshop for senior HR professionals!

We are running a taster workshop at Lumen in London on 21st September 2017.  Places are strictly limited. If you would like to attend, please contact Katie:

Or sign up here