Meaningful Work


Meaningful work is of great importance to us all. Imagine a world where everyone finds their work to be purposeful, worthwhile and significant. Work that makes a real difference. Work that is enjoyable and fulfilling. We spend so much of our time working, yet sadly, most people’s experiences of work are far removed from this ideal.

In an era of ‘conscious capitalism’, more and more individuals and organisations are growing dissatisfied with the status quo. People want to do work that matters, where they can make an important contribution. People want to do work that connects them with valued colleagues or clients, work that challenges and stretches them. Employers want to create meaningful work environments for their employees. Meaningful work is not necessarily easy work, or work that creates superficial ‘happiness’, but is much more profound and speaks to who we really are. Despite the rising levels of interest, information and ideas about how to create and experience meaningful work are surprisingly scarce.

I have set up this website to provide a central forum for resources on meaningful work, drawing not only on my own research, but also signposting important research on the topic from around the globe.  In the blog, I comment on recent developments and thinking on the topic. Whatever your interest in meaningful work, hopefully you will find information and insights of value to you.

I also want to hear from you, and hear your ideas about how individuals and organisations can create meaningful workplaces, so that we can together help make work a better experience for everyone.

I hope that you find this website useful, and above all I hope that you find your own work meaningful, purposeful and worthwhile.