Meaningful Work

Speaker, consultant, academic and coach empowering individuals and organisations to find  meaningful work

Meaningful work is of great importance to us all. Imagine a world where everyone finds their work to be purposeful, worthwhile and significant. Work that makes a real difference. Work that is enjoyable and fulfilling. We spend so much of our time working, yet sadly, most people’s experiences of work are far removed from this ideal.

As an academic, speaker, consultant and coach, my focus is on improving our understanding of what makes work meaningful or meaningless, and on helping individuals and organisations to find more meaning in what they do.


Katie Bailey provides coaching for academics at all career stages, coaching on meaningful work and life coaching for individuals.

Resources on meaningful work, articles and publications.


Katie Bailey speaks on meaning, purpose and engagement and runs workshops and events for organisations.

Meaningful Work

Improving our understanding of what makes work meaningful.

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