Katie has a Certificate in Coaching and is a Member of the Association for Coaching.

Her coaching practice focuses on three main areas:

Coaching academics at all career stages, including preparation for job interviews, career coaching, leadership coaching, and work-life balance coaching.

Coaching on meaningful work for leaders, individuals, managers, and HR professionals.

Life coaching for individuals.

Professor Katie is an incredible and inspiring coach. She was extremely helpful in developing my resume, my interview skills, and my vision for the career. She helped me build up my strengths and confidence. I am very grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional coaching.

Career Coaching client

With Katie’s careful guidance, I successfully passed the interview of the Lecturer in Accounting at the University of  [name].

Katie has extensive experience in academic interviews so she is an expert in improving candidates’ interview skills. Through several mock practices, she effectively found out the weakness and disadvantages of my interviews and helped me to overcome them. She also told me how to make full preparation before an interview. With her help, I am gradually familiar with the academic interview process. She also taught me how to relieve the tension and become more confident in interviews. In addition, she is also very patient. As I am not a native speaker of English, she is very nice to point out what pronunciation or grammar mistakes I have made in mock interviews and help me to avoid them. 

I strongly recommend Katie for her professional interview coaching. Without her training, I could not pass the interview at the University of [name]. I am confident that she must be one of the best interview coaches in respect of her professional knowledge and extensive experience.

Career Coaching client

The sessions with Katie focused both on deeper issue like my reluctance to submit myself to the interview process and on teaching me valuable interview skills and techniques. I received the first job just right after I had completed a number of sessions with Katie.

If you are new to the job market or just struggling with performance during job interviews, or need a career advise on how to position yourself, I believe Katie can help and support you. In short, I cannot recommend Katie enough! And should I find myself on the job market once again, I will work with Katie again to brush up my interview strategy and skills.

Career Coaching client

Professor Bailey has a wonderfully supportive and insightful approach to professional coaching and draws on a range of creative and illuminating techniques, helping the client find their own way forward in an accepting and constructively self-critical way. I feel I have a road-map for choosing my future path and also feel hopeful I can continue that journey in a ‘self-coaching’ manner.

Life Coaching client

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