Katie’s coaching practice focuses on three main areas: coaching academics, leaders and individuals. With a Certificate in Coaching, membership of the Association for Coaching, and many years’ experience as a coach, Katie draws on a range of coaching styles and approaches as appropriate to the situation and to the client, with a particular emphasis on cognitive behavioural coaching which has been shown to yield highly positive results for the client.


Coaching for academics and graduating PhD students preparing for job applications or promotions.

Coaching for academics and graduating PhD students preparing for job applications or promotions. Sometimes, it can be hard to know how to present oneself in the best possible light, or to understand the panel’s priorities. Based on many years’ experience on selection panels, you will receive detailed individualised insights into how to tailor your CV and covering letter to the requirements of the job and intensive preparation for the selection process itself such as mock interviews and presentations, including advice on how to prepare for the day. For clients going forward for promotion, advise focuses on the preparation of your application. Job coaching of this type is typically more direct than the other forms of coaching.

Coaching can also be provided for individual academics seeking to develop their career, find more meaningful work, or achieve a better work-life balance, as well as coaching for those in a leadership role within higher education who want to develop their effectiveness.



Leadership coaching for all sectors focuses on personal effectiveness as a leader, as well as coaching on targeted areas of specific importance to the client.

Coaching for leaders provides a safe and confidential setting where specific targets can be set and barriers to success overcome. Coaching is geared towards the achievement of the client's own goals and aspirations, laying a strong foundation for success.



Coaching for individuals can focus exclusively on work or comprise broader life coaching.

Life coaching draws on a holistic examination of the client’s current situation and needs. Over several weeks, work is done to explore what is holding the client back from achieving their best life. Work coaching focuses on how to find work with a greater sense of meaning and purpose, drawing on Katie’s expertise in this field.

Coaching process


The coaching process focuses on the individual needs and aspirations of the client and starts with a free, no obligation 1:1 meeting during which you can explore your coaching goals and have your questions answered.


If you decide to go ahead, a Coaching Contract will be drawn up specifying the number of coaching sessions and your coaching goals and aspirations so you know exactly what to expect at all stages. Coaching sometimes involves the use of questionnaires, models or frameworks to help structure the conversation, while at other times the emphasis will be on the conversation itself.


All coaching aims to provide clients with the skills and knowledge to continue self-coaching into the future. After each session, clients are provided with a summary of the discussion and any action points arising.


Coaching is an active process and you should expect to undertake some work and further thinking in between sessions to gain maximum benefit. Sessions run over Zoom can also be recorded so that you can refer back to the conversation.


I am very grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional coaching.

I am confident that she must be one of the best interview coaches in respect of her professional knowledge and extensive experience.

I received the first job just right after I had completed a number of sessions with Katie… In short, I cannot recommend Katie enough!

I feel I have a road-map for choosing my future path and also feel hopeful I can continue that journey in a ‘self-coaching’ manner.