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Meaningful Work Resources:

The meaning of work – blog for the CIPD written by Jonny Gifford

Solving the productivity puzzle

Mismanaged souls: why does employee engagement remain stubbornly low?

waiting – a hidden feature of organisational life

The government’s response to the Taylor Review

How to be a better leader – according to science

Why meaningful work matters? Industrial Management, May/June 2017, pp. 10-13.

Why is meaningful work important for leaders? – Blog for Griffinity

Managing the Pitfalls of Meaningful Work – HR Zone

Why should we bother about meaningful work? Personnel Today

Interview for the Confident Mother conference on why meaningfulness matters to women

MIT Sloan Management Review article on meaningful work

How work can be made meaningful – article for the Conversation

Guest blog for IES on where we can find meaningful work

Guest blog for IES on how meaningful work is destroyed

The mismanaged soul: existential labor and the erosion of meaningful work. Article published in Human Resource Management Review

‘For this I was made.’ Conflict and calling in the role of a woman priest – Article published in Work, Employment and Society

Time reclaimed: temporality and meaningful work – article published in Work, Employment and Society

Links to Other Sites Referring to Katie’s Work:

The importance of creating meaningful work

Purposeful leadership: when the bottom line includes ethics and vision

How your approach to talent management can destroy meaningfulness at work

Talent Management: why your approach can destroy employee mojo

Manipulation zahlt sich nicht aus, published in the German magazine Psychologie Heute

HR Transformer Blog: What makes work meaningful?

HR Transformer Blog: The 7 Deadly Sins Preventing Meaningful Work

How you can make your work meaningful – World Economic Forum

How work can be made meaningful – Government Executive

What makes our work meaningful? Do bosses really make it meaningless? – BPS Digest

Bosses can make your work feel meaningless – Boston Globe

Titles on Wellbeing – Roffey Park

Meaningful work not created – only destroyed by bosses –

Meaningfulness at work created by employees, destroyed by bosses – AskMen

Are you making work meaningless? – American Society of Employers

Managers can destroy, not create, sense of meaning at work –

The only person who can make your job meaningful is you – Science of Us

How to be a bad boss –

Meaningful work matters to your business success – inspiringpeoplehr

Bosses who try to make staff happy with important jobs are just making things worse – The Sun

Poor management destroys meaningful work – NZ Adviser

5 things that make any job more meaningful, according to science – Real Simple

Fake it til you make it: how to see your work as meaningful – Everup

Meaningful work not created, only destroyed, by bosses – Leadership Dimensions

Your boss can’t make your work meaningful to you –

Employee Engagement Resources:

Engagement: Where has all the power gone?

Employee engagement: Do practitioners care what academics have to say – and should they?

The Future of Engagement Thought Piece Collection for Engage for Success

Job Design and Employee Engagement – White Paper for Engage for Success

Video: workshop for Grass Roots

ESRC Seminar Series on Employee Engagement

Evidence Synthesis on Employee Engagement funded by the NIHR

Harvard Business Review article on engaging different employee groups

Book: Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice

Resources on engagement published by NHS Employers

Strategic HRM textbook

Bailey et al. (2018) Strategic HRM. Oxford: OUP


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