Getting to ‘why?’: How finding the meaning in your work can drive motivation and fulfilment

In this interview, recorded as part of the Confident Mother Conference 2017, I discuss with conference organiser Sherry Bevan why meaningful work is important for working mothers. From a pragmatic perspective, I also discuss how we can compensate for the absence of meaningfulness across life domains, and some strategies that can be used to help people think through how their work can be a source of meaning.

Katie Bailey


Katie delivers inspiring talks and workshops on what makes work meaningful, how to talk about meaning, and how to create meaningful workplaces.

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Katie’s coaching practice covers three main areas: career and job coaching for academics; coaching for leaders and individuals in meaning and purpose; life coaching for individuals.

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Free resources to learn about what makes work meaningful and how to find more meaning in your work. Including articles, podcasts, videos and interviews.

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