Michelle Brailsford (1962-2018)


Meaningful work brought Michelle and I together a couple of years ago now, and we bonded over a glass of wine and the shared belief that the time you spend at work should be time well spent. She’d read one of the articles I’d written about meaningfulness and came along to a workshop I was running, and I’d attended an event she’d been involved with. Although many management consultants had approached me and wanted to collaborate, it was Michelle I chose. I thought she was cool, sassy and fun. Like so many others, I was drawn to Michelle by her warmth, her professionalism, and her joie de vivre. Together, we organised and ran workshops and training sessions on meaningfulness, and were busy developing new ideas and projects when she so suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on 13th June.  Continue reading

Exploring the Meaningfulness of Work at Seymour House Day Nursery Schools

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Seymour House is based in Essex and runs 10 nurseries, which have all received an ‘Outstanding’ classification from Ofsted for their early years provision. Pippa Drew, the company’s Group HR Director, asked us to run a workshop for the company’s Future Leaders group, all of whom are based in the nurseries working directly with the children.  Alongside an introduction to the concept of meaningfulness and a consideration of sources of meaning at Seymour House, a focal topic for the workshop was on what the transition to a leadership role would entail in terms of meaning. Continue reading

The French chef who put meaningfulness ahead of stars

Fresh bear garlic on wooden tableThis week, French chef Sébastien Bras, whose restaurant Le Suquet in Aubrac, France, has three Michelin stars, asked the Michelin guide to drop his restaurant from their rankings. In explaining why he wanted to walk away from what is every chef’s dream accolade, Bras said:

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“I’m not mopping the floors, I’m putting a man on the moon”: How NASA leaders enhanced the meaningfulness of work by changing the meaning of work, by Andrew Carton


What can leaders do to help employees see the connection between their daily work, which for many of us, let’s be honest, can often be a tad mundane, and the organisation’s Big Picture? This is the interesting question that Andrew Carton set out to answer in his recent article. Continue reading

Workshops on meaningful work create space for purpose and values at Man Bites Dog


Award-winning B2B marketing communications consultancy Man Bites Dog works with leading business brands on complex global projects. While the business has an award-winning culture, winning PR Week’s Best Place To Work an unprecedented five times, the management team wanted to ensure that, as well as the perks of working for a creative agency, the team were finding their day-to-day work fulfilling. Continue reading